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That is sympathy. But if you feel compassion and understanding and can probably feel what someone is passing through, then that is Empathy. It is being compassionate probably to such a point that you risk being vulnerable too. There is a fine line there. Can we develop Empathy, or it comes naturally? If you are someone who struggles to notice and relate to other people’s feelings, there is some good news for you. Contrary to popular belief, research shows that empathy is a skill that can be learn and develop over time. It comes with practice. It helps you build and establish social connections with people around you.

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Let me try to explain this. When you visit a doctor, have you ever wonder why you feel a bonding with some and with some its strictly facts and diagnosis? Have you notic in a lot of these mical soaps which we watch on OTT, how the doctors are shown smiling, bonding, sharing, talking and connecting with their patients? Research has shown that even plants and animals start blooming and growing when Croatian Email List they receive love and compassion. In fact, we have seen numerous instances of animals recovering from the brink of death when they receive love and care. Then is it any wonder that we humans also prosper in an atmosphere of compassion and love? Can you imagine how much an individual will flourish with a little understanding and when they feel a sense of belonging? Now let me extend this to the workplace. They say people leave managers and not companies.

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Compassion at the workplace

Ever wonder why? Here lies the difference. We feel more bond and attach in a space that promotes mutual respect and creates a sense of belonging.  where you feel accept and understood.  being employee centric, claim BTC Databaseas to treat their employees as their extend family, actively participate in giving back to the society, take up CSR activities, publish success stories of how they help an employee who was stuck in a situation. We have all seen umpteen examples of all these. Social mia is full of such posts.

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