Apply a good moisturizer A good moisturizer

The holi like sweets, gulal and applying colours on each other will make us forget to drink water and this can lead to irritation and itchiness in the skin. Apply coconut oil on your hair The colours tend to damage your hair while playing holi,so it is advisable to apply coconut oil on your hair so that the colours don’t penetrate deep into your scalp.Also it is advisable to cover your hair with bandana or a scarf. is advisable when you step out to play holi from your skin turning rough and dry with the colours. A good quality moisturizer keeps the skin supple and smooth, it prevents the colours from getting penetrat deeper into the skin.

A good cream will also keep the layers

It is good to use a facepack after playing holi. The facepack helps to soothen the colour effect on the face skin and also rejuvnates the elasticity on the skin making your skin soft and smooth!! Eye cream An eye cream around your eyes will prevent the colours from getting deposit around the areas of your eye . of skin around the Haiti Email List eyes soft and smooth. Colours to use during holi It is advisable to play with natural and dy colours rather than the artificial colours which are skin irritants.

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These are some of the basic

Play with colours which can easily be remov from the body like r, pink. After playing holi everybody would be in a hurry to rub off the BTC Databaseas clours from hair and skin.  knick knacks which will help you to become tension free while playing holi and after playing holi. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holi!! START A CONVERSATION POST A COMMENT REGISTER/LOGIN TO BLOG sudeshna karkun THETHINKINGCAP I am an enthu blogger,traveller and a wanderer.

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