4 Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Now that we’ve cleared up the meaning of the term, it’s time to get down on the important elements of an effective landing page.

Above-the-fold content
“above the fold” is a term that refers to the first content visitors see on your landing page.

Since it’s the first thing perceptible to users, you might want to utilize, really utilize the space.

A way to write a great headline is to understand who your audience is, why they’re visiting your website and what solution they’re expecting you to offer.

Once you’ve figured out the who, why and what, it’s relatively easy to come up with headlines that convert.

However, it’s important to note that your headline has to be more than an overview of your page- it needs to intrigue visitors in some way.

It should say something like “yes, you’re in the right place and here’s what we can offer you” to your visitor.

So, give your content team a good holler to come up with a copy as compelling as possible.

Tell them the benefits
Landing page
You can fill up your entire landing page by going on and on about what you’re good at. Here’s what, people don’t give two hoots about it.

The problem with most businesses is that they’re downright egocentric

And no, of course you didn’t spend days and sleepless nights building and improving your business to not talk about how unique it is.

Depending on who you’re marketing to or what you’re selling, always focus on how it helps to make their life easier and not how awesome your offer is.

Use visuals
Don’t overload your landing page with words.

Poorly designed landing pages can drive prospects away. If your landing page has high traffic but low conversions, it’s probably due to its design.

What actually solves this problem? Use visuals.

So, they say pictures speak louder than phone number list words, sounds cliche right? This quote is actually practical when implemented in your landing page.

But how do you go use graphics meaningfully, and most important strategically to convert leads?

Product imagery doesn’t evoke from a text-heavy landing page and people are lazy to read. They don’t want to read an entire page long of how your products do them wonders.

They want to see your product Or even better your product in action

Apart from breaking the monotony of text, visuals help users to comprehend information better as well as give them a clearer picture of the product.

The inclusion of graphics is not ‘merely’ putting pictures here and there.

You have to be deliberate in using them to BTC Database AS communicate the core message effectively and facilitate conversion along the process.

Make a clear call to action (cta)
Landing page
Confuse the cta, lose the conversion.

Most buttons on landing pages emphasise actions: sign up, subscribe, contact us etc.

Remember that you can’t possibly fit in all of everything you have to offer in a single landing page. That will definitely leave users a bit of head scratching.

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