14 Creative Techniques to Make Ads on Ad words and Social Networks + Video

14 Creative Techniques to Make Ads in Adwords and Social Networks + Video. At PRO Marketing DAY David and Elena told us very interesting things about creative online marketing techniques and advertising on social networks. Lots of ideas and tips for making ads. We have summarized them all and told you the best of their conference so that you can improve your campaigns using creative formats, tools and advanced segmentation methods. If you run campaigns or if you are considering launching one, these ideas will come in handy.

Creative advertising vs Adblock and spam ads

Therefore, Creative advertising vs Ad block and spam ads. We know that 50% of the population uses. the Internet and that e-commerce does not stop growing. currently 29% shop online once a week . At the same time this is happening. 615 million devices use Ad block or similar. This has serious consequences for companies. Therefore, in 2016 a loss of 41 billion dollars was top people data estimated and from 2015 to 2016 the use of ad blockers increased by 30%. As advertisers it is something that should make us think, don’t you think.

Important conclusions for your ads

Important conclusions for your ads. It’s never too late to optimize and be honest. As professionals and advertisers. We must adapt to new trends and not be afraid to experiment with new ways of advertising. We must create segmented campaigns so as not to saturate BTC Database AS  users. Therefore, we must strive to make advertisements that are not misleading and always try to ensure. That the creativity (videos, images, sequences, product sheets) is of the highest quality.

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